About This Project

During the course of Communications 3100: Media and Diversity, we covered a lot of diverse topics that allowed me to look at the world through a critical lens. The various scholars that we studied permitted us to see the stereotype through those being suppressed, a unique opportunity. I knew from reading these articles that my best bet for a great final project would be to study a form of repression that I have experienced in my own life.

Ageism isn’t a topic that we specifically covered over the course of this course, and I often find myself interested in the portrayal of the millennial generation in film and television. With my idea set, all I needed to do was find a way to present it.

When braining storming my creative outlet, the quote that is forcefully ingrained into every communication student’s mind came to mind:

“The medium in the message” – Marshall McLuhan

One thing that millennials are commonly associated with is blogging, so therefore what better way to present this topic than via blog? That way, not only is the text part of the message, but the medium as well.

Please enjoy this blog that studies the representation of millennials.